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Heavy Barrel Heat Shield for 18.5" Breacher and M590A1 Barrel
All steel heat shield is designed specifically for Mossberg Heavy Barrels

Breacher Barrel Style

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Another Aimpro Tactical Exclusive; our Heat Shield for Mossberg 18.5" Breaching Barrels and the 18.5" M590A1 is designed specifically for these Heavy Walled Barrels.  This heat shield will install on bead and ghost ring barrels.  All steel and with a matchng factory finish, this shield fits correctly, looks great and will stand up to the most demanding conditions.  Simple, no gunsmithing installation.  The Mossberg Breaching Barrel now comes in 2 styles. Please select the correct product when ordering so we can provide you with the correct hardware.  The original 590 style barrel is attached to the magazine tube with a barrel nut that is seperate from the barrel.  The 500 style barrel is attached to the magazine tube with a captured bolt that is part of the barrel assembly.      (*Is not compatable with Magpul forends.)

UPDATE:  If you have a new 18.5" barrel 7 shot M590A1 with a continuous 7 round capacity magazine tube, you need our 20" version heat shield, (PN 100020).  If you have an 18.5" 7 shot M590A1 with an add-on magazine tube extension, the model 590 style is the correct part.
Name : Jonathan
Location : Carson, ca.
Title : 590 heat shield
Review : Searched everywhere for a heatshield for my mossberg 500 with a breacher barrel. Found it at AimPro and I couldn't be happier. Fits like a glove. FYI read the installation instructions included with your item and use the right tools so u don't scratch your barrel or your heat shield.. thanks guys!

Name : NeoGio
Location : Louisiana
Title : Great Product
Review : Great heatshield, love the finish. I have the ghost ring sights on my 18.5 inch 590A1 and was a little intimidated with the installation but it wasn't bad at all. Take your time, follow the directions and you'll have great addition to your shotgun.

Hello, I was wondering if this heat shield would fit on the mossberg 590 shockwave, the barrel is 14” long?

Unfortunately we don't make an off the shelf heat shield for the 14" compact barrels.

Will this heatshield fit on the Mossberg 590 shockwave?

We do not manufacture an off the shelf heat shield for the 14" compact barrel

I have the new 590M with bead sight. It uses a heavy walled barrel and the forend configuration looks identical to the 7-shot 590A1. Will the 590A1 version of this heat shield fit the 590M #50205?

Yes, it is our understanding that our PN 100185 is the correct part for that barrel with the Model 500 style spacer.

Good day, I recently acquired your 18.5" Breacher barrel heat shield, and assumed that I needed the 500 style because I have the Mossberg 500 Breacher (CA). Can you tell me if I have acquired the correct one, or how to tell if I have the 500/590? Thank You!

The Mossberg breacher barrel are made in two styles, the 500 and the 590 style. The difference is the way the barrel attaches to the magazine tube. the 500 style barrel has a captured bolt that stays with the barrel when the barrel is removed. The 590 style barrel has a lug (ring) that slides over the magazine tube and is held in place by a separate nut. Not a problem either way if you ordered the 500 style, the only difference in the black delrin bushing/spacer. the 500 style is longer and is designed to be trimmed to size. It will fit either model.

will this fit a Mossberg 590 shockwave?

Unfortunately we don't make an off the shelf heat shield for the 14" barrels.

Is the the heavy barrel heat sheild perkerized??

they are real manganese phosphate parkerized

Hello, curious I'd you folks do a heatshield for a heavy walled 590a1 14" barrel? Thanks.

Thanks for your inquiry. Yes we do fabricate a custom 14" HS. we need the barrel because its mounted to the barrel lug by drilling and tapping. lead time right now is approx. 3 weeks. $159 plus shipping

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